Appraisals and Valuations RICS

Meeting the standards of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and compatible with IVS (International Valuation Standards)

We carry out Valuations and Appraisals of different purposes:

  • Market Appraisals
  • Valuations of Companies
  • Urban and developable land valuations
  • Appraisals for Tax Authorities
  • Forced Sale Value
  • Expropriatory Valuations
  • Contradictory Expert Appraisal

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Reports, Surveys and Certificates

With choice of visa by the Official Association

We produce various types of reports, surveys and certificates:

  • Technical Inspection of Buildings
  • The Building Assessment report
  • RICS Home Survey Reports
    • RICS Condition Report
    • RICS HomeBuyer Report
    • RICS Building Survey
  • Snagging List
  • Pathology Technical Reports
  • Urbanistic Charge Reports
  • Opening Licenses
  • Certificate Existing Area
  • Age Certificate Building
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates
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Construction and Project Management

Our Project Management begins with the financial feasibility study of the project and ends with the completion and delivery of the work performed to the customer owner

We offer services of Project Management or Integrated Direction of Projects for Owners. We take care of the prior feasibility study, the planning, design control and management of the work contractors, as well as coordination, monitoring and control of its execution, always keeping the control in the hands of the property for the correct realization of your Project in all its phases, complying its deadlines and with the estimated budget.

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Reforms and New Construction Projects

Visas from Official Assotiations

Preparation of Reform Projects and new construction:

  • Projects of Residential Buildings
  • Projects of Houses
  • Pool Projects
  • Decoration Projects
  • Projects of Legalization
  • Rehabilitation and Reform Projects
  • Demolition Projects
  • Urbanization Projects
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